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I decided to write this article with my broken English, because I can’t concentrate on just describing the scenery what I saw in the trip if using Chinese. It seems very strange, but it is true. Busy and busy life makes me lose the feeling to write the travel note. Writing in English, I can just describe the scenery in simple and easy vocabulary, then the abstract of the trip can be extracted from complicated and fragmental thought. Don’t try to suggest me to stop the foolish action, you can be patient of reading difficultly, or bypass the article. But I can’t promise that the next article would be written in Chinese.

Ha-Pen is a beautiful place worthy to visit again, with the green river, Nan-Shi river. Last October, I visited here, and hurt my knee of left leg. Therefore, I didn’t arrive the destination, Ha-Pen campsite. This year, I still remembered to visit in Summer, but actually I came to Ha-Pen just at the same time as last visit.

I have learned something from the suffering lesson that being scared at walking alone in the dark. So this time I left my home at am9:30, and started walking quickly at am11:30. It is earlier than the last visit to Ha-pen about one and half hours. But I knew that it is still not enough, since it takes about 45 minutes to campsite from the point of crossing Lu-Men river.

Just as the visit of last year, I had an illusion that I will get back to the entry at Fu-San side before pm5:00.Maybe the sky is still bright. I think I have three hours to reach the campsite, then I will return to the entry at 5:30pm. But while I got to the the point of crossing at pm2:00, I began to wonder my assumption.


The essential of the trip is between Po-Lu river and Lu-Men river along the Nan-Shi river. Through the trees on the slopes, you can see the green light reflected by the surface of water. The green leaves of the trees and the green light of water were mixed together to form a wonderful picture filled with jade green color. I would like introduce such beautiful scenery to you because I had been attracted to the variety of light performed on the water, with the result that I slowed my pace and no matter whether I can get back to the starting point before sunset.

The another important thing that I must mention is the ramp near the crossing point of Po-Lu river. It is more dangerous than last year to go down the ramp to the bank, due to the damage by several typhoons in September. There are almost no footholds caused of the gravel over the ramp.


Moreover, there is only a trunk over the river. While crossing Po-Lu river, I choose not to walk on the trunk but jump from a stone to another. First time I succeeded, but fall into water while I returned. It’s so miserable, because it was dark with time, and I was walking hurriedly to go back.

Lu-Men River is beautiful, flowing slowly at the turning where people cross the river. I saw many people here. Some people were prepared for crossing, the other were boiling water to eat noodle.


At this time, sunshine made the shallow more clear. I stood with water beneath my knee, keeping wounded knee in the cold water was not being concerned. I looked at sand and pebble in the river to feel the extreme contrast of brightness and darkness. The green color of water and rock varied gradually with light. I was reluctant to leave. It seemed too late for me to reach Ha-Pen campsite. Moreover, it is a whole new journey after the crossing point of Lu-Men river.



I began to run on the way. However, it is better than to walk alone in the dim evening. I spent 45 minutes to get to Ha-Pen campsite. It was pm2:50. I thought I have twenty minutes to stay there and take some photos. The Ha-Pen campsite is a valley with many branches in it. Some stone stairs found near the center of the site could lead to a relic. I failed to find the relic due to wild weed hard to go through. I struggled in the wild weed to a small branch of Ha-Pen river. It’s a beautiful shallow with luxuriant branches and leaves over it.




Since I was alone, I wandered in the site at my ease. The other thing attracted me is the junction which the branch joins the wetland. The color of water becomes very emerald around the junction.

Since I left the site at pm3:15, but it took more than three and half hours to return even without rest. As a matter of course, I will have a span of time to walk in the dark again as last year. Moreover, I fall into Po-Lu river on the way, and have clonus on my both legs. It is so miserable. I must say that I hate such feeling. Although I had a flashlight in the bag, but I didn’t use it. The sky was getting dark after seventeen o’clock. Finally I arrived at the parking lot at 18:06. There were two people who had have gone finishing. They were surprised to my lonely trip. I asked them about the gain of fish today. As what I expected, there is fewer fish than before in Nan-Shi river. But there were still many cars staying here in the evening. Perhaps, more people visit here cause of more fish vanishing from the river.

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