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  1. auto login
  2. let user be able to record query history
  3. topic link instead of creating a new one
  4. blue ocean to creat value for weekend =? recent activities ?
  5. hot topic for this week, specially for can not be missed for each kind of person!
  6. may be a question: not be patient to read other’s trip note <= need quide, instruction? incentive 增加可看性 grouping?
  7. 體驗經驗,美學經濟以創意來串聯成為帶給人幸福感的快樂經濟
  8. 旅遊活動 value chain : 想去哪裡的想法 => 規劃 => 執行 => 紀錄 => 相簿遊記 => 分享,歸類 => lesseons learned